Coffee Addiction

It's no secret that we are a little addicted to cawfeeeee here! There's a pretty high standard in Adelaide, which sadly for Starbucks now know all too well. Luckily, we are always happy to cater for our fellow coffee connoisseurs, because we want to drink the best coffee in town just as much as you do.

 coffee at nagev adelaide

Where are the magic beans from?
The coffee culture continues to grow in Australia, but we didn't invent this glorious drink, it actually originated in Ethiopia around the 11th Century and then spread around the world over the following centuries, growing in to one of the most important commodities in the world by mid 19th century. 


Fruit in to Coffee (possibly better than water in to wine?)
The Ethiopians made a medicinal drink out of the leaves rather than the fruit (beans). So luckily for us the folks in Istanbul discovered that roasting the beans would lead to creating a delish drink, et voilà!

I can honestly say, I would merrily skip past this plant not even imagining it would make a tasty cup of pick me up. If you haven't seen what it looks like check it out here.


Why are we addicted?
Basically it tastes so good and it makes us feel good too! Dr Gary L. Wenk explains more here.

coffee and cake at nagev adelaide


Has all of this talk of coffee made you want one? Drop in to Nagev and get yourself a well deserved cup of coffee and treat yourself to a cheeky little sweet sumthin' sumthin'. Grab an old favourite or a newer colourful option. 

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