Why we use Eco Packaging

It was officially Earth Day on Saturday 22nd April, but everyday is earth day at Nagev and not just with our planet saving food. If you have had a take away from Nagev you would have noticed that all of the packaging is compostable (or at least noticed that none of it is plastic). This is really important to us here at Nagev because we found out a few truths that are not cool for our environment or health!

Why is plastic harmful?

Well in short:

  1. It can hang around in the environment for 2,000 years and then some
  2. Toxic chemicals can leach out of plastic and in to our bodies causing all kinds of crazy health issues.
  3. Wildlife can get tangled in it or mistake it for food, and sadly that's not all.

One study calculated that 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the oceans each year!

Any one of those reasons is a good enough reason for us not to use plastic packaging.

 plastic pollutionPhoto from plastic pollution coalition 

What we use

We use packaging from BioPak, that is safer for your health and better for our environment than plastic (and just look how cute the cups are, they use artwork from Aussie & NZ artists). But make sure you chuck them in your Organics bin when you're done because letting it go to landfill can be harmful for our environment. 

New to composting?
Check out this local composting short film. Diverting compostable waste away from landfill is easy and hugely beneficial for you and other life on earth. 

Most SA councils allow food and compostable packaging to go in your home organics bin, so helping our environment can be easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Biopak art series compostable cup

"The Power is yours" 
It's really not that hard to be a bit more like Captain Planet  
& if you are living in SA, it is even easier than other states!

Not all states in Australia have a plastic bag ban or have a 10c cash refund for container deposits OR let you put food & compostable take away containers in the organics bins, so take advantage of services available here in SA and help the environment you live in.

Check out your council below to see what you can put in your organics bin:

City of Adelaide

Adelaide Hills Council

City of Burnside

City of Campbelltown

City of Charles Sturt

Town of Gawler

City of Holdfast Bay

City of Marion

City of Mitcham

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters

City of Onkaparinga

City of Playford

City of Port Adelaide Enfield

City of Prospect

City of Salisbury

City of Tea Tree Gully

City of Unley

Town of Walkerville

City of West Torrens

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