Vegan Movies to watch

Vegan Movies to watch

We love the tasty food we dish up here in Nagev, but we also love the amazing health and planet benefits of a whole food plant-based diet. This year Veganism is taking another giant step toward mainstream with the release of some mind opening movies. With a heads up from Plant Based News, we're sharing a list of must see Vegan movies.

Watch them ya'll (in no particular order)
(WTH & RAW are screening in Adelaide this month so maybe start there, and have a discount code on us!) :

what the health adelaide

What the Health "is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick.

Raw documentary Adelaide screening

RAW "Cancer survivor Janette and her partner Alan are an incredible demonstration of what is possible with the human body. This story follows the two raw food champions, in their 60’s, as they break and set world records by running 366 consecutive marathons on a raw plant-based diet." 


The Game Changers Documentary

'The Game Changers' it will "introduce the world to elite athletes, special ops soldiers, visionary scientists, cultural icons and everyday heroes - each on a mission to create a seismic shift in the way we eat and live." With James Cameron (Director of Avatar & Titanic) as Executive Producer, this doco is set to bring plant-base diet's in to the mainstream.


Eating you alive movie poster

Eating You Alive "takes a scientific look at the reasons we’re so sick, who’s responsible for feeding us the wrong information and how we can use whole-food, plant- based nutrition to take control of our health—one bite at a time."


Carnage documentary poster

Carnage - is a mockumentary on BBC iplayer (but hopefully it will become more widely available). It's set in 2067, the UK is vegan, but older generations are suffering the guilt of their carnivorous past.


Eating Our Way To Extinction

Eating Our Way To Extinction "Through world-renowned scientists, researchers, global leaders, and celebrities, the film is bringing to life the reality of the true cost of our current relationship with animals. The film takes an in depth look at compassion, environment, health and economics."



Know Better. Do Better.
The movies can help you with that and as always we are here to help you Eat Better, see ya soon!


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