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All food at Nagev is 100% vegan, so if you're looking for some vegetarian food, we’ve got you covered. Why Vegetarian?


Vegetarian diets can reduce your risk and even reverse symptoms of chronic diseases as mentioned here.

Not everyone knows that vitamins B & C and antioxidants can’t be stored by the body, so we need a daily dose of these guys to keep our energy up and to keep our metabolism going strong.

Some vegetarian sources of protein include tofu, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, ‘vegetarian meat’/textured vegetable protein, and wholegrains.


More evidence is emerging that large scale animal agriculture is adding to global warming. Compared to producing animal foods, plant foods require far fewer resources like water and carbon. It is estimated that the global average amount of water required to produce 1kg of beef is 15,400L and chicken is 4,300L. That's a lot of water! Especially when 1kg of vegetables only requires 320L, fruit 960L and cereals 1,600L. Added up over a lifetime, you can see how what you eat makes a difference to the world. Sourcing your food locally can also help reduce your carbon foot print.

Munching down a few more fresh veggies ain’t ever a bad thing!

Did you know only 8% of Aussies eat the recommended five serves of veggies a day? Call us crazy, but we love our tasty veggies. But of course, if it ain’t tasty why eat it?! Gone are the days of over-cooked veg on the side of your plate. Plant-based food is exploding globally, and your tastebuds are the happy customers. Nutrition and flavor can go hand-in-hand. Our menu is proof!