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Plant-Based Milks

Here at Nagev we are all about flavour and that doesn't stop at our drinks, especially our milk drinks.

The face of milk is changing, and changing pretty quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that milk only meant cow’s milk, but now there’s a growing variety of alternative milks ranging from soy to hemp and almost every nut in-between.

We’ve picked some of the finest for you to choose from for your coffee or other milky drinks.

We currently offer coconut, MYLKLAB almond, and Bonsoy soy milk. All three are delicious creamy alternatives to cow’s milk that add their own extra individual flavour.


Do they taste good?

In short, yes!


Coconut milk – We've selected a coconut milk that has been designed to blend beautifully with the acidity of coffee and enhances the taste by giving it a slightly sweet edge. Not only does it add a delicious taste to a cup of latte but we also use it for a number of our smoothies and milkshakes. Our regulars love a chocolate milkshake with coconut (it tastes like a bounty, yum!)


Almond milk – After testing many almond milks, many were too watery or missing flavour and some reacted badly to the acidity of the coffee, so it's safe to say they didn't make the cut. Thankfully we found MYLKLAB almond milk. It's rich, slightly nutty and creamy flavor can be tasted. And the geniuses from MYLK LAB have made sure it is perfect for 'stretching milk' so we can heat and create the froth on top of the coffees that our customers love, as well as blending deliciously with the acidity of espresso.


Soy milk – Our Bonsoy milk is the most popular plant based milk. We recommend this one to our customers that are transitioning from cow's milk to plant based because it doesn't have a powerful flavour but has a similar creamy consistency that most people are used to in their coffee. This one is also crafted for stretching and blends wonderfully with espresso. It is the base milk we use for milkshakes (unless customers ask for another milk).


Customer favourites

Many of our customers love to have soy milk with their coffee, and almond milk in our home made blend of matcha chai, golden latte, or beetroot latte. The coconut milk is more commonly requested in milkshakes and smoothies.

But there are no rules here. You get to pick what your taste buds prefer.

What about calcium?

We all know calcium is important for our bones and teeth, and most of us think we can only get it from dairy, but that just ain't true. There are plenty of plant-based sources of calcium, and many alternative milks are fortified with calcium. This means you can enjoy the flavour of alternative milks and get the good stuff for your bones too. Win!